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Concern us
  • LCR Meter
  • Transformer
  • Filter Tester
  • Resistance Tester
  • Amorphous alloys
  • Test System
     Changzhou Zhixin Precision Electronics Co., Ltd (ZXP) is a leading provider in the field of electronic test & measurement. ?We devote to provide the customers with more precise、more eff......
  • Address:Building 12, No. 17338 Daming North Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
  • Tel:400-088-5850
  • Fax:00-86-519-85192610
  • E-mail:sales@zxptest.com
Focus on customer needs, provide competitive test solutions and services to create maximum value for customers consistently. We do our best for you
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